Our Painting Process

We track down objects and measure materials down to a science. Every step of our process diligently followed to bring past objects into present light.

Vintage objects acting as props and set up for a still life painting so that the artist can paint from life.

1. Object Hunt

From antique stores to junkyards, we scour forgotten places for the perfect subject matter.

2. Set Up Still Life

We paint from life—not cameras. Strategic lighting and masters' techniques are key to getting things just right.

3. Draw By Hand

All works start with a drawing done in a sketchbook and transferred to a canvas by hand. (Yes, that means no projectors.)

The artist, Lex Hade, mixing oil paint according to old master techniques. 

4. Mix, Layer, Repeat

Each painting has at least three layers of paint. But, we don't stop till we get that perfect shade.

5. Let It Air Dry

Patience meets protection. Oil paintings must dry for one month and get protected with a thin layer of clear varnish.